Waxed Canvas Care

What sets waxed canvas products apart from more modern fabrics is it only gets better with age. As with any product, proper maintenance on your gear will extend the life of the material.  Waxed canvas is a woven cotton blend that has been infused with varying waxes that provides an extra layer of protection against the elements. It is this waxed coating that records the use of the product and produces that wonderful patina. Take pride in this patina, you earned it.

DON'T:  Don't wash waxed canvas.  Washing machines, detergents, hot and warn water, and dry cleaning will run the risk of damaging the waxed coating.

DO: If you have obtained a stain, only use cold water.  If more cleaning is required use a very mild soap like saddle soap.  Remember to always test clean a spot before applying to the entire area. After cleaning just let the fabric air dry.

DON'T: If you are wanting to "reset" the fabric and remove the patina, don't use high heat like a heat gun in one spot.

DO: Try using a typical hairdryer.  Start the hairdryer on low heat several inches away from the fabric and with a continuous movement.  Higher heat can be used if necessary and slowing decrease the distance as you go.  It takes a few seconds or minutes for the wax to melt, so take your time.

DO: If the hairdryer method above doesn't produce the ending results you want then it might be time to rewax the fabric.  Depending on the use of the product, rewaxing should be completed every one (1) to four (4) years as a general rule.  This will help keep the material water resistant.  Be sure and heat the material as described above and apply a product like Otter Wax. There are many other products on the market.