Materials Used

Waxed Canvas:

Sourced in the US, our main canvas is 12 oz cotton in weight with light wax.  On occasion and by request, a lighter 10 oz or heavier 14/16 oz weight will be used.  Waxed canvas is water resistant, produces a wonderful patina with use, long lasting, and does not stain easily.  The canvas can be re-treated over and over to help it function like new.



Bonded nylon thread is a great choice for sewing leather, canvas, vinyl, webbing, and more. Bonded nylon has a protective coating which helps prevent fraying and heat due to friction that occurs while sewing. It features high tensile strength and resistance to mildew, aging and abrasion.


Polypropylene Webbing:

It is a cost-effective webbing that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is highly flexible. It's often used in outdoor equipment due to its excellent UV protection and mold resistance qualities. Polypropylene webbing is not affected by oils or chemicals.


 Scuba Webbing:

Scuba webbing is a sturdy webbing that will not lose stiffness. As the name suggests, this webbing is ideal for diving belts, carpenter belts, utility belts, and any heavy duty application where the folding or rolling over of the webbing is not desired.


Cordura Nylon:

Cordura is made from high-tenacity nylon yarns that are tightly woven together, giving the fabric a strong and resilient construction. This makes it resistant to tears, punctures, and abrasion, making it ideal for use in products that are subjected to frequent handling and use. We use a wide ranging weights from 200D to 1080D.  


Ballistic Nylon:

Our typical ballistic nylon is 1050D fabric and is used in areas of possible high use and friction - such as bottom of duffle bags, tool bags, etc.  Occasionally 1680 ballistic nylon will be used, depending on supply.

1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric is made from a synthetic fiber called nylon or polyamide. Originally used as flack jacket material in World War II, the fabric is referred to as ballistic because it was intended to deflect or stop shrapnel and debris. As a result, it was primarily worn by airmen, though was never intended to stop a bullet or a shell. Ballistic Nylon, or Nylon in general, has very good resistance to chemicals.

Considered a heavy-weight nylon fabric, 1050 denier ballistic nylon weighs roughly 15 ounces per yard. 1050 denier ballistic nylon is dyed black, and poly-urethane coated on one side. Nylon in general has high tensile strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Additionally, the poly-urethane coating adds water repellent properties.


Wood Products:

The wood used for turning and most carvings are taken from trees that have either fallen or had to be taken down.  We do not fell a tree to produce bowls or other wooden products in the shop.  Varying species are used based on the availability of the source tree.